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Flow Software Ultimate v6.0.7056.940 English 64-bit

Flow Software Ultimate v6.0.7056.940 English 64-bit
Win | 280 MB

An Analytics Framework To Define, Transform, & Openly Share Information. Making great decisions is hard. Our mission is to make it easy!

Your people need information they can trust, but combining data from multiple sources requires too much code and scripting. It just doesn't scale.
Flow solves this problem by reshaping how we address analytics.

Collecting data is simple; turning it into actionable information is not! Data management, collation, and contextualization is the biggest problem facing industry today.
But imagine what you could do if you had a scalable platform built specifically for IT teams to transform OT and IoT data streams into analytics-ready information.

Flow includes the tools you need to:

✓ Model - Consolidated modeling to abstract and unify multiple underlying namespaces.
✓ Connect - Connection into multiple data sources, including OT, IoT, IT, and manually entered.
✓ Transform - Calculation services to clean, transform, contextualize, and combine time-series and transactional data.
✓ Visualize - Decision support via browser- based visualization, reporting, dashboarding, and notification.
✓ Bridge - Data collection and bridging via industry standard -protocols, including MQTT and REST.

For scalability, Flow provides a modeling and configuration environment with an open architecture and templating. Leverage the work you have done in your existing systems while using Flow's self-service no code/low code approach.

Golden Software Surfer v25.1.229 English 32-64-bit

Golden Software Surfer v25.1.229 English 32-64-bit
Win | 293 MB

Golden Software Surfer is a powerful 3D mapping system, surface modeling and analysis, terrain rendering, mesh generation and more. The product allows you to create realistic 3D maps taking into account lighting and shadows, use terrain images in various formats, export the created maps in various graphic formats and print in color up to 50 m diagonally. Powerful interpolation functions allow you to create precise surfaces of the highest quality.

Visualize Data - You work hard gathering your data. Don't settle for subpar visualizations.
Utilize Surfer's extensive modeling tools to display your data the way it deserves while maintaining accuracy and precision.
Clearly communicate information related to geology, hydrology, environmental, construction and more with Surfer.

Analyze Data - Discover the depths of your data with Surfer's numerous analysis tools, made specifically with engineers, geologists and researchers in mind.
Adjust interpolation and gridding parameters, assess the spatial continuity of data with variograms, define faults and breaklines, or perform grid calculations such as volumes, transformations, smoothing, or filtering.
Surfer quickly transforms your data into a clear and compelling story.

Communicate Results - Communicate your hard-earned findings with confidence. Whether it is for your client, investors, or thesis advisor, Surfer facilitates those "AHA!" moments for a wide range of audiences.

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