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LimitState:GEO v3.6.1.26217 English 64-bit

LimitState:GEO v3.6.1.26217 English 64-bit
Win | 123 MB

LimitState:GEO is a general purpose software program which is designed to rapidly analyse the ultimate limit state (or 'collapse state') for a wide variety of geotechnical problems.
The software can be used to model 2D problems of any geometry specified by the user (including slopes, retaining walls, foundations, pipelines, tunnels, anchors etc. and any combination of these).
It directly determines the ultimate limit state (ULS) using the computational limit analysis technique: Discontinuity Layout Optimization (DLO), and is designed to work with modern design codes such as Eurocode 7 by providing full support for partial factors and the ability to solve multiple scenarios.

Powerful geotechnical analysis software: LimitState:GEO provides unique geotechnical analysis capabilities to rapidly determine the critical failure mechanism and margin of safety for any problem.

Flexible Modelling: Geotechnical software to tackle any ultimate limit state analysis or design problem involving slope stability, bearing capacity, walls, foundations, reinforced soil, or complex combined systems.

Unique Optimization Technology: Rapidly identify critical geotechnical failure mechanisms, including those that traditional methods often miss.

LimitState:RING v3.2.c.24386 Multilingual 64-bit

LimitState:RING v3.2.c.24386 Multilingual 64-bit
Win | 90 MB

Industry leading masonry arch bridge analysis software - Trusted by major consulting engineers, bridge owners and universities across the world, LimitState:RING is the industry-leading software application for rapid masonry arch analysis.

LimitState:RING is a rapid analysis tool for masonry arch bridges. The software is primarily designed to analyze the ultimate load carrying capacity of masonry arch bridges (building on the 'mechanism' method of analysis originally pioneered by Heyman 1982), and has numerous features, many of which are unique.

Understand More: Interactively answer 'what if' questions to gain a clearer understanding of the influence of key parameters and see visualizations of modes of response - many of which are missed by conventional masonry arch bridge analysis tools.

Analysis Technology: LimitState:RING uses rigid block analysis, underpinned by rigorous Limit Analysis theory, to obtain solutions. The beneficial effects of backfill are also taken into account in the analysis.

LimitState:SLAB v2.3.1.26620 English 64-bit

LimitState:SLAB v2.3.1.26620 English 64-bit
Win | 112 MB

Automated yield-line analysis software - LimitState:SLAB is the only commercially available slab analysis software to systematically automate the well-known yield-line method, allowing the ultimate load capacity and critical failure mechanism to be calculated in seconds.

LimitState:SLAB is a software program designed to rapidly evaluate the load carrying capacity of existing and proposed concrete slab structures using the yield-line analysis method.
Unlike many other analysis methods and tools, LimitState:SLAB uses modern optimization techniques to identify the most critical layout of yield-lines for the defined problem, removing the need to propose a potential failure mechanism at the outset or manually refine the mechanism until an acceptable (and arbitrary) degree of accuracy is achieved.
LimitState:SLAB can be used to model problems of any geometry specified by the user, including those containing columns, walls and holes.
The software directly determines the ultimate limit state (ULS) collapse conditions using Discontinuity Layout Optimization (DLO), and is designed to work with modern engineering design codes by providing full support for partial factors and the ability to solve multiple load cases.

Reveal Hidden Strength In RC Slabs: The yield-line method will often highlight that an existing slab has reserves of capacity, or that a new slab requires considerably less reinforcement than indicated by other methods.

Analysis Technology: The Discontinuity Layout Optimization (DLO) approach used in LimitState:SLAB is underpinned by rigorous Limit Analysis theory. You can read more about how DLO identifies critical yield-line mechanisms in the Proceedings of the Royal Society.

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