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Leica MissionPro v12.9.0 Multilingual 64-bit

Leica MissionPro v12.9.0 Multilingual 64-bit
Win | 1.22 GB

Leica MissionPro Flight Planning Software - Mission Planning in Another Dimension.

1 + 1 = 3D is the ultimate formula for successful collaboration: when two get together, something new is created.

Leica MissionPro expands on what is best in airborne mission planning from Z/I Mission and Leica FPES and takes mission planning to the next dimension with the new 3D virtual globe view.

✓ Enjoy immersive planning with the 3D virtual globe view
✓ Enhanced features add new flexibility and planning capabilities to your organization
✓ Use one tool to plan for all LiDAR, frame and line sensors
✓ Fully integrated true 3D mission planning across the globe
✓ Reduce training but increase productivity
✓ Estimate the project cost during planning phase
✓ Evaluate the flight results when you land
✓ Offers a complete solution for every sensor and workflow


✓ Automatic and accurate computation of blocks, corridors and single flight lines from any user specified parameter such as area coverage, stereo overlap, point density and any other sensor-related parameters
✓ New 3D virtual globe planning environment and traditional 2D map planning view
✓ Sophisticated computation algorithms using local DTM and global SRTM/ASTER DTM data automatically
✓ Background maps from Web Map Service (WMS)- compliant map service providers
✓ Integrated multi-sensor planning and LiDAR planning
✓ Powerful reporting of all planned and flown information for planning, QC, cost estimation and project management
✓ Fully integrated into existing Leica Geosystems workflows

Leica CalMaster v3.2.402 English 32-64-bit

Leica CalMaster v3.2.402 English 32-64-bit
Win | 327 MB

Leica CalMaster - Opening new opportunities with laser calibration certificates.

Construction sites are harsh environments and put incredible strain on lasers. To ensure the most accurate results and to avoid costly mistakes, these tools need periodic care and calibration, but that can be a strenuous effort resulting in downtime and lost business.

Another important reason to calibrate lasers regularly is known to all contactors who apply for construction tenders or are becoming ISO 9001 certified. A proof of equipment's accuracy with reference to the international standards is often a must requirement in both processes.

Your local Leica Geosystems representatives now offer quick and reliable calibrations with the Leica CalMaster.

Key Benefits:

✓ Have all your rotating, grade, pipe, line and point lasers professionally checked, calibrated and certified for maximum accuracy at your local Leica representative
✓ Avoid costly mistakes by having your lasers periodically checked and calibrated
✓ Work with peace of mind that your lasers are calibrated to the highest accuracy standards
✓ As the industry's only calibration system issuing ISO certifications, you can trust that your Leica Geosystems rotating laser will perform with complete accuracy
✓ Solidify your professional reputation
✓ Maximize your chances of winning construction tenders with calibration certificates and thus, growing your business
✓ Reduce your downtime and be back to work faster than ever

Leica HxMap v4.2.0 English 64-bit

Leica HxMap v4.2.0 English 64-bit
Win | 1.80 GB

The increased need for up-to-date geospatial information in many of the traditional applications as well as in emerging areas such as navigation or location-based apps requires a new approach to data processing: rapid updates over large areas in the shortest possible time. To be a true No 1, the world's most efficient airborne sensors still rely on an efficient and fast data processing workflow.

By introducing HxMap, the unified high-performance multi-sensor workflow platform, Leica Geosystems offers exactly what the industry has been waiting for: a fast, intuitive and efficient post-processing platform, that allows you to produce all known data products within one single interface.

Saving you time and costs: You and your staff only need to be proficient in one simple user interface to produce any known airborne data product. Don't waste time moving your data from one software to the other, but benefit from one end-to-end workflow.
Unprecedented data throughput: Take advantage of the industry's fastest data throughput and process any amount of data more efficiently in one single post-processing interface.
Easily adaptable to your needs: Create your personal post-processing workflow with one flexible and modular platform that can be customised to your specific application needs by adding software licenses only once you need them.

How does HxMap work? Leica HxMap intuitively guides you along a common processing workflow. Starting from data download, raw QC, data ingest all the way to the final product generation. Depending on the input data, additional steps like aerial triangulation, radiometric adjustments and LiDAR point cloud registration are available.

Furthermore, the HxMap product generator allows a large number of products to be generated by the push of a button: referenced images, orthophotos, info clouds, point clouds as well as 3D city models.

These features build the right solution for large oblique projects, country-wide orthophoto or LiDAR mapping for small engineering projects alike.

Leica Cyclone FIELDWORX 2022.0.1.8165 English 64-bit

Leica Cyclone FIELDWORX 2022.0.1.8165 English 64-bit
Win | 1.34 GB

Leica Cyclone FIELDWORX – Capture and Prepare Scan Data, enhancing the in-field reality capture workflow.

Leica Cyclone FIELDWORX is a new in-field software application designed for use with the Leica ScanStation P-Series 3D laser scanners. It provides a simple user interface (UI) that is streamlined to working with touch-enabled Windows tablet computers. Cyclone FIELDWORX provides the user with the ability to complete a geo-referenced registration of a single setup on-site with survey-grade accuracy, in a matter of minutes. The individual geo-referenced setups can be quickly delivered as PTS or E57 files for immediate downstream use.

Cyclone FIELDWORX is based on the powerful and best-in-class registration capabilities of the Leica Cyclone REGISTER workflow leveraging its registration algorithms, and features a streamlined user interface designed to be touch-friendly with a straightforward, guided workflow. This guided workflow directs the user from connection to the ScanStation P-Series laser scanner to publishing the captured data in four easy steps:

Capture: Connect to a ScanStation P-Series laser scanner through wired or WiFi connection
Acquire: Auto target acquisition guided by survey control lines
Register: Auto-registration of single setups against survey control
Publish: Publish setups to E57 or PTS for immediate consumption in industry-specific analysis tools

Cyclone FIELDWORX is the only product in the Leica Geosystems reality capture software portfolio that can transfer real-time scan data to complete, in-field geo-referenced registration and publish industry-standard formats for use downstream in design and analysis packages. Once scanning is complete, data import begins automatically, targets are acquired and when three or more targets are matched to the control file, registration proceeds automatically which helps the user make better informed decisions directly in the field.

Leica Infinity v4.0.2 Multilingual 64-bit

Leica Infinity v4.0.2 Multilingual 64-bit
Win | 5.19 GB

Leica Infinity Surveying Software - Infinitely connected. Infinite possibilities.

Now with the ability to process data directly from Leica 3D laser scanners, Leica Infinity is more than a user-friendly geospatial office software for measurement professionals, it's a productivity powerhouse that connects field to office like never before. Leica Infinity enhances data communication, enables complex project collaboration, and speeds up post-processing by connecting Leica Geosystems services, CAD workflows, and even 3rd party services.

Big jobs demand a seamless software experience and Leica Infinity delivers. Easily manage and process data from multiple sites and survey teams and from all of your different survey instruments – digital levels, total stations, UAVs, GNSS sensors, and now even scanners – all in one intuitive surveying software. Plus you can edit, archive, and export data directly to CAD, GIS and BIM applications. With all of your data in one place, you'll stay infinitely connected and keep projects moving with fast accessibility, smooth data transfer, and a user-friendly platform that will give you greater traceability and control. That's workflow efficiency, times infinity.

Are you ready for simplified, seamless workflows? Are you ready for the only true, one-bridge solution between Leica field instruments and CAD software? Then you're ready for Leica Infinity.

Leica BLK3D Desktop Premium Edition v4.0.0.13 Multilingual 64-bit

Leica BLK3D Desktop Premium Edition v4.0.0.13 Multilingual 64-bit
Win | 727 MB

BLK3D Desktop is dedicated software for organizing, measuring and 3D modeling data collected with the BLK3D Imager. The BLK3D Desktop software is an extension of the mobile functionality which runs on Windows laptops and desktops.

The Leica BLK3D is a real-time, in-picture 3D measurement solution. By combining measurement sensors, software, and on-device edge data processing capabilities, the Leica BLK3D makes in-picture measurements with professional-grade accuracy in real-time possible. Every image captured is a complete and precise 3D measurement record.

Its edge computing capabilities eliminate the need for network connections and cloud services, ensuring professionals can make faster decisions within their daily workflows – whether measuring inaccessible locations, creating floor plans, estimating building installations, documenting construction site progress or creating measurable, as-built documentation.

Leica GNSS Spider Suite v7.8.0.9445 English 64-bit

Leica GNSS Spider Suite v7.8.0.9445 English 64-bit
Win | 2.74 GB

The all in one solution for GNSS networks and monitoring projects - Leica Spider Software Suite is the GNSS network infrastructure solution that provides easy access to all available data from all GNSS in one convenient location, helping users in the field and their colleagues in the office to be most efficient.

All constellations, All sensors, All applications. Be the most efficient you can be when all data is displayed in one place that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Regardless of your application, Spider provides a solution by supporting all GNSS constellations, all sensors and all standards - making your business a success.

The Spider Software Suite is the first web-based solution for managing real-time and post-processing services. Operators and users can now easily access the Spider Software Suite from anywhere in the world at any time.

With an open standard support, all receivers can be integrated into Spider Software Suite and all rover models can be served with corrections.

The Leica Spider Business Center combines all the elements you need to efficiently operate your infrastructure, including user and access management, network and rover status monitoring, and provides end users with access to status information and post-processing services.


✓ Efficient and secure, allowing you to focus on your strengths
✓ Convenient to use locally or remotely
✓ Reduces infrastructure and maintenance costs
✓ Upgradeable and expandable solution to protect initial investment
✓ GNSS Future Proof

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