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Hexagon ERDAS IMAGINE v16.7.0.1216 Multilingual 64-bit

Hexagon ERDAS IMAGINE v16.7.0.1216 Multilingual 64-bit
Win | 4.35 GB

The world's preferred remote sensing software package - ERDAS IMAGINE, the world's leading geospatial data authoring system, supplies tools for all your Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry and Geospatial Analysis needs.

Geographic imaging professionals need to process vast amounts of geospatial data every day — often relying on software designed for other purposes and add-on applications that create almost as many problems as they solve. Save both time and money, leverage existing data investments, and improve your image analysis capabilities with ERDAS IMAGINE.

ERDAS IMAGINE provides true value, consolidating remote sensing, photogrammetry, LiDAR analysis, basic vector analysis, and radar processing into a single product.

Discover the potential of your imagery: ERDAS IMAGINE simplifies image classification and segmentation, orthorectification, mosaicking, reprojection, elevation extraction and image interpretation.

Streamline your workflow and save time: Powerful algorithms and data processing functions work behind the scenes so you can concentrate on your analyses.

Multiple classification solutions: ERDAS IMAGINE offers K-Means, ISODATA, object-based image segmentation, Machine Learning and Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

The power of spatial modeler: The Spatial Modeler's graphical editing environment provides flexibility to capture domain expertise and turn it into re-usable algorithms.

Point cloud processing: ERDAS IMAGINE fully enables the display, editing and analysis of point clouds derived from LiDAR or point correlation of stereo pairs.

Hexagon Cradle CFD 2022.1 Multilingual 64-bit

Hexagon Cradle CFD 2022.1 Multilingual 64-bit
Win | 4.95 GB

Cradle CFD - Smart multiphysics focused computational fluid dynamics. World's leading CFD technology available to boost smart manufacturing.
Cradle CFD is a series of practical, state-of-the-art CFD simulation and visualization software. Embracing remarkable processing speed, refined technology, and proven practicality verified by high user satisfaction, it has been in use for diverse applications, such as Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics, Building and Architecture, Civil Engineering, Fans, Machinery, and Marine developments, to solve thermal and fluid problems. Incorporating the reinforced Multiphysics co-simulation and chained simulation capability to achieve couplings with Structural, Acoustic, Electromagnetic, Mechanical, One-Dimensional, Optimization, Thermal Environment, 3D CAD and other relative analysis tools, as well as award-winning postprocessing feature to generate visually powerful simulation graphics, Cradle CFD enables any level users to process advanced simulations.

Hexagon GeoCompressor v16.7.0.1963 English 64-bit

Hexagon GeoCompressor v16.7.0.1963 English 64-bit
Win | 112 MB

Do you work in an industry where you use massive, high-resolution images or point clouds? GeoCompressor lets you compress massive imagery or point clouds into much smaller files that are visually lossless, meaning that you cannot tell they are compressed by looking at them.

Using GeoCompressor, you can:

✓ Compress terapixel-sized imagery or point cloud files with billions of points
✓ Compress thousands of image files into a single mosaic
✓ Update a region within an existing mosaic instead of having to recreate the mosaic every time a region in it changes
✓ Clip to a polygon boundary to add the flexibility to create output products in accordance with arbitrary polygon definitions

Hexagon GeoMedia Suite v16.7.0.210 Multilingual 64-bit

Hexagon GeoMedia Suite v16.7.0.210 Multilingual 64-bit
Win | 4.49 GB

Maps present data visually, allowing you to visualize location and gain other information from your data. Making the information-gathering process easier—making a good map—requires powerful analytical tools and clear symbolization. Whether updating land and tax records, analyzing traffic flow and accidents, or determining the best locations for evacuation centers, GeoMedia combines tabular and geographic data to produce actionable information.

GeoMedia is a powerful, flexible GIS management platform that lets you aggregate data from a variety of sources and analyze them in unison to extract clear, actionable information. It provides simultaneous access to geospatial data in almost any form and displays it in a single unified map view for efficient processing, analysis, presentation, and sharing. GeoMedia's functionality makes it ideal for extracting information from an array of dynamically changing data to support informed, smarter decision-making.

GeoMedia gives you the freedom to spend less time trying to connect to your data so you can focus on what you want to achieve with it. GeoMedia is a leading GIS choice among users who want to connect directly to the spatially enabled databases they already use — such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostGIS — without using importers or converters. Additionally, GeoMedia can access many common geospatial file formats, most computer-aided design (CAD) formats (MicroStation and AutoCAD), ArcView and File GeoDatabase from Esri, OGC GeoPackage, KML, simple text files, and OGC web services such as WMS, WMTS, and WFS. GeoMedia also includes an ERDAS APOLLO catalog explorer to spatially search, find and display image data directly in the map window.

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