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Datamine Studio EM v2.12.90.0 English 64-bit

Datamine Studio EM v2.12.90.0 English 64-bit
Win | 813 MB

Studio EM is aimed at exploration geologists and builds on the technology behind the highly successful Studio line. The functionality of the package includes editing points and strings, creating wireframes, designing wells, basic block modeling and reserves estimation. The package also dynamically connects to a variety of well databases, including the Datamine MapInfo Discover GIS package. Studio EM also has full functionality of graphical constructions - sections, plans, columns of wells, reports and 3D views from all angles, as well as the ability to save 3D files to PDF.

Key Features And Benefits:

✓ Integration - Studio EM works with data in different formats and can dynamically connect to the well database and download the latest data
✓ Working with graphics - Easily enter and view georeferenced images in different formats with planar wrapping or inscribed in a toposurface
✓ Closed Wireframe Modeling - Manual or automated creation of closed wireframes or surfaces that model geological features
✓ Block Modeling - The power of block modeling from Datamine to quickly create reliable 3D models and basic grade estimation
✓ Data Sharing - Save 3D data as a 3D pdf that can be opened on any device with a pdf viewer
✓ Well Planning - Wells are planned through a simple interface with well head and bottom positions
✓ Tilt, Azimuth, Depth and Deflection are also supported

Datamine Studio UG v3.1.32.0 English 64-bit

Datamine Studio UG v3.1.32.0 English 64-bit
Win | 1.10 GB

Design, schedule & optimisation - Leading the way for integrated underground design and scheduling – Studio UG is the comprehensive toolkit that has a unique, single-step process to generate all scheduled activities from source data in seconds. Data preparation is completely automated to achieve an extremely efficient and robust system for delivering underground design data to your scheduling environment. Mine standards are incorporated in templates, saving you time, whilst multiple users can work on portions of the mine simultaneously, eliminating the potential for doubling up of work or unnecessary redundancies. It can robustly handle larger datasets, multiple synchronised views and full block model display including slices, blocks and point cloud representations. Data processing can now be completed in one step as Studio UG processes all the data types with a single click. New sequence rules created using attributes deliver an additional method to generate sequence links, and the integrated scheduling features mean a schedule can be rapidly updated with design changes without any loss of previous manual interventions within the schedule.

✓ Produce multiple underground designs. Easily and quickly produce and compare multiple alternative stope designs and arrangements to save you valuable time and resources.
✓ Fast & repeatable processes. Automated processes that efficiently eliminate repetitive tasks, giving you more time in the day.
✓ Save time & reduce errors. Easily capture and automate pieces of workflow with Studio UG's scripting and customisation capabilities.

Datamine Studio Survey v2.0.10.0 English 64-bit

Datamine Studio Survey v2.0.10.0 English 64-bit
Win | 1.05 GB

Exclusively designed for the needs of mine surveyors - Studio Survey is a software solution exclusively designed for the needs of Mine Surveyors. It is not a module inside a complex product but is a dedicated mine surveying product that simplifies and streamlines the processing of everyday survey tasks in mining operations of any commodity with the use of dedicated and automated reporting functionality. If increased efficiency is your biggest goal, then Studio Survey will surely be your biggest asset.

✓ Inbuilt photogrammetry. Taking you drone photos and generating textured wireframes and point clouds. Reducing the products needed on your operation.
✓ Dedicated reporting. Automated reporting functionality for extraction, compliance, stockpiles, blasting and blasted stocks.
✓ Batch processing. Allowing you to spend less time in front of your PC.

Datamine Studio RM v1.13.202.0 English 64-bit

Datamine Studio RM v1.13.202.0 English 64-bit
Win | 1.31 GB

Resource modelling and evaluation - Studio RM represents an industry standard for geological modelling, geostatistical analysis, resource estimation and evaluation. With a long and proven track record of generating trusted and accurate results from exploration all the way through the mining value chain, geologists can be assured that Studio RM is, without doubt, the best geological modelling package. Studio RM's highly adaptable workflow supports modelling in any geological setting or commodity, and easily handles big data.

✓ Geological modelling. Plan and review geological data, with tools to develop accurate geological models quickly.
✓ Flexible resource modelling. Produce reliable resource and reserve models using functions such as advanced block modelling, geostatistical analysis, grade estimation and mineable shape optimisation.
✓ Superior automation. Save time and reduce errors on sites by capturing and automating pieces of workflow to reliably carry out repetitive and complex tasks.

Datamine Studio OP v2.12.200.0 English 64-bit

Datamine Studio OP v2.12.200.0 English 64-bit
Win | 1.17 GB

Superior open pit design & scheduling system - Studio OP is a complete design and scheduling product for short– and medium-term planning of open pit mines. Packed with functionality for automated reserve generation, pit design and scheduling, Studio OP makes generating and comparing alternative mine plans a breeze. Studio OP uses sophisticated algorithms and data management throughout. Its innovative rules-based automated design sets a new standard for designing open pits and dramatically increases the number of alternative designs and layouts that can be considered. When it comes to scheduling with minimal manual intervention, Studio OP's Auto Scheduler can be used to produce practically achievable schedules with desired financial outcomes, product blend specifications and realistic equipment movement. Schedules can be optionally exported to EPS for communication, reporting or further manipulation with its intuitive Gantt chart interface. Whether you have responsibility for producing medium-term plans and budgets or detailed short term operational schedules, Studio OP can help achieve the best possible outcomes for your organisation.

✓ Rule-based open pit design. Fast and smart automated design of open pits – interactively edit rules within seconds.
✓ Managed workflow for reserve generation. Automatically generate detailed mining blocks and reserves from strategic mine plans.
✓ Interactive & automated scheduling. Smart mix of industry standard and proprietary optimisation algorithms for automatically obtaining practical schedules.

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