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CSA Stringer Topo v24.0 for Civil 3D 2015-2024 64-bit

CSA Stringer Topo v24.0 for Civil 3D 2015-2024 64-bit
Win | 1.16 GB

Stringer Topo transforms your current CAD platform into a low-cost, full-featured survey package.

Why Stringer Topo is Right For you? Stringer Topo streamlines the reduction and presentation of survey observations whether you are using AutoCAD, Civil 3D or BricsCAD.

Developed by surveyors with over 20 years experience in the industry, Stringer Topo focuses on maximizing your efficiency in adding and editing break lines, automating linework creation, adding and editing point data, creating surfaces, legends and tables.

Whether you are doing boundary surveys, pre-design site surveys, as built surveys, monthly stock pile volume calculations or even basic design for access roads and ponds Stringer Topo has proven tools optimized for your needs.

Stringer Topo delivers fast, easy to use survey tools for processing survey data ready for final documentation and plotting. Associated functionality includes survey quality (comparison) reporting, point export, direct import of reduced point files, traverse editing and drafting tools for cadastral plans.

A unique feature of Stringer Topo is its Satellite to Surface feature which allows you to download Google and Bing images for your area of interest.
It will also download and create a surface from Google elevation data. This is an ideal tool for planning your field survey.

Stringer Topo allows you to create and customize your field codes. It supports both alpha and numeric codes.
Codes control the block assigned to each shot and the layers for the block and associated line work.

The artificial intelligence engine in Stringer Topo will save you hours of effort when shots are captured out of sequence.
Rather than manually connecting the dots, the AI engine will do this for you based on codes, point numbers and distance between shots.

CSA Civil Site Design v24.0 for Civil 3D 2015-2024 64-bit

CSA Civil Site Design v24.0 for Civil 3D 2015-2024 64-bit
Win | 1.35 GB

For over 20 years Civil Survey Applications has assisted customers in the civil and survey industries with premium technical support, specialised and customised training services and development of industry driven software solutions built on Autodesk and other technologies. Civil Site Design adds highly efficient and simple-to-use civil design tools for road network design, highways, road reconstruction, site grading, surfaces, stormwater, sewer and pipeline design to your current CAD platform.

Civil Site Design for Civil 3D increases your productivity with intuitive design tools and seamlessly integrates with your existing workflows by generating your Civil 3D design surfaces, profiles, assemblies, corridors and pipe profiles with a simple mouse click.
Keep what you love about Civil 3D – upgrade the rest!

In today's competitive environment and shortage of designers, it is imperative that civil engineering firms identify and deploy proven productivity tools. Where would you stand with your projects if you lost 2 or 3 designers to a competitor?
With its revolutionary Artificial Intelligence component – Project Assist, Civil Site Design allows senior designers to share their knowledge with junior designers and EIT's – they are productive in days not weeks or months.

Civil Site Design's integration with your CAD software instantly provides you with a range of new, powerful design tools through an intuitive interface. This seamless upgrade allows you to complete tasks significantly faster than before, without encountering any workflow roadblocks due to insufficient tools.
Add Civil Site Design to your CAD platform and work faster and smarter with a complete set of civil design tools.

CAD Masters CMI Tools for Civil 3D 2022 64-bit

CAD Masters CMI Tools for Civil 3D 2022 64-bit
Win | 646 KB

CAD Masters, Inc. (CMI) has created CMI Tools for Civil 3D to enhance the capabilities of Civil 3D and fill in some of the gaps of the software. CMI Tools are included as a free benefit for customers who purchase their Autodesk Subscription for Civil 3D from CAD Masters. Ever wish that you could create a point table that references stations and offsets for an alignment? Do you want more control over your styles and the ability to find and replace them, or globally edit them? Alignment and profile tools increase productivity in labeling, creating offset or intersecting profiles, and generating profiles from 3d polylines.

We created programs to enhance the capabilities and fill in the gaps of Revit, Civil 3D, and AutoCAD. Revit QSelect, CMI Tools for AutoCAD & Civil 3D are included as a free benefit for customers who purchase their Autodesk Subscription from CAD Masters.

Autodesk Accreditation: CAD Masters is an Autodesk GOLD Partner, an Authorized Training Center, and a member of the Autodesk Developer Network. CMI has received Autodesk's top award for Customer Loyalty multiple times. We specialize in AEC and GIS and assisted with development of past versions of Civil 3D.

Solution Implementation: CMI's varied background in all aspects of CAD systems, programs, and engineering gives us unique abilities to plan, implement, and support complex CAD initiatives. We understand not only the intricate details of hardware, software, and engineering, but also the relationships and interactions between them. We work with clients on all aspects of CAD Management from network and workstation hardware through end user training and support. We assist with all aspects of implementation from staff skills analysis through workflow and standardization. We have solved thousands of technical problems and when a problem could not be solved "off the shelf," we've programmed applications to complete the client's workflow. We are ESRI and Oracle developers, giving us the expertise to link between and share data with all platforms.

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