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FlexSim Enterprise 2022.2.2.331 English 64-bit

FlexSim Enterprise 2022.2.2.331 English 64-bit
Win | 1.18 GB

The most powerful, capable, and easy-to-use 3d simulation software. Flexsim lets you model—and improve—existing and proposed systems.

3D Simulation: FlexSim comes with all the proven benefits of discrete-event simulation—but with the added bonus of highly realistic, immersive 3D graphics.
FlexSim's 3D models help you emulate the look and feel of the real system, so it's easier to see and understand what's going on.
VISUAL VALIDATION is the first level of model validation, where you visually confirm that the system is working—or not working—as it was intended to.

Model Layout: FlexSim makes it as easy as possible to replicate the look of your system while preserving the details necessary for accurate analysis.
Just use the simple drag-and-drop controls to place objects and resources directly into the 3D environment—no post-processing needed!

Model Building: FlexSim toes the line between ease-of-use and capability to model even the most complex systems.

Model Analysis: Once you're ready to simulation using your model, our full suite of analysis features will help you get a deeper understanding of what's going on.
STATISTICAL VALIDATION is the second level of model validation, where you evaluate data from one or many simulation runs to verify that the system is operating as expected.

Optimization: Where the money is made (or saved)! Test "what if" scenarios to find the best possible choices to make in the real world.

3D Systems Geomagic Design X 2022.0.0.192 Multilingual 64-bit

3D Systems Geomagic Design X 2022.0.0.192 Multilingual 64-bit
Win | 2.56 GB

What is Geomagic Design X?
Geomagic Design X creates CAD models from 3D scans faster, more accurately, and more reliably than any other reverse engineering software, allowing you to create new business value from existing products.

✓ Process large scan data sets with millions of points faster than any other reverse engineering software.
✓ Create complex hybrid 3D models for solids, surfaces and meshes.
✓ Connects directly to your CAD environment and creates native files that accurately represent a scanned object.
✓ Create solids or surfaces quickly just like you do in CAD.
✓ Transfer parametric 3D models with complete design history directly into any popular CAD software.

What can you do with Geomagic Design X?
Geomagic Design X converts 3D scan data into high-quality feature-based CAD models. The software combines automated and guided extraction of solid models in a unique way, while maintaining incredible accuracy. In addition, it offers you an exact fit of surfaces to organic 3D scans; mesh editing and point cloud processing.

✓ Expand your design capabilities.
✓ Improve your CAD environment.
✓ Reduce time to market.
✓ Take advantage of existing resources.
✓ Reduce costs.
✓ Do the impossible.

You can scan just about anything and create producible designs.

✓ Rebuild CAD data for broken tools and molds.
✓ Recreate CAD data from lost parts and molds.
✓ Design custom products.
✓ Convert physical parts to CAD to design new products.
✓ Make existing pieces fit with new ones.

Geomagic Design X is compatible with all major scanners and portable CRMs. Check out our 3D scanning guide to find out what kind of scanner you need.

Use Geomagic Design X with Geomagic Control X and Geomagic Wrap for a comprehensive scan-based design and inspection package.

Chemical Computing Group MOE 2022.02 Multilingual 64-bit

Chemical Computing Group MOE 2022.02 Multilingual 64-bit
Win | 436 MB

Comprehensive Software System for Life Science - Molecular Operating Environment (MOE) is a molecular modeling software that allows you to efficiently perform various tasks in chemistry and pharmacology.

MOE, the Molecular Operating Environment, is a comprehensive software system for Life Science developed by Chemical Computing Group ULC.
MOE is a combined Applications Environment and Methodology Development Platform that integrates visualization, simulation and application development in one package.

MOE strongly supports drug design through molecular simulation, protein structure analysis, data processing of small molecules, docking study of proteins and small molecules, and so on under the unified operations.

MOE's representation of organic chemical structures and flexible architecture provide a solid foundation for molecular modeling and computational chemistry. User-friendly molecule editors, wide variety of available file formats, choice of validated forcefields, powerful modeling applications, and customizability all make MOE the most flexible molecular modeling environment.

MOE provides a suite of applications for manipulating and analyzing large collections of compounds, building property models, consensus models, and SD pipeline command-line tools.

In addition to the suite of graphical applications, MOE contains a tool for making changes to the existing applications or creating new applications. With MOE, expert modelers, application developers, and occasional users can benefit from sharing the same software system. Methodology written by application developers can be validated by expert modelers and then deployed to occasional users using either the MOE graphical interface or a Web interface.

SVL, the Scientific Vector Language, is the portable high-performance programming language builtin MOE. SVL is the Vectorized command language, scripting language, and applications programming language. One-tenth reductions in code size over C and FORTRAN are routinely realized.
SVL source code to MOE applications is distributed with MOE to end-users; this allows MOE applications to be freely customized or modified.

Schlumberger Drillbench 2022.2.1 English 32-64-bit

Schlumberger Drillbench 2022.2.1 English 32-64-bit
Win | 536 MB

Drillbench Dynamic Drilling Simulation Software - Dynamic drilling simulations for pressure control, well control, blow out control, managed and underbalanced operations.

Successfully drilling challenging wells requires an in-depth understanding of the hydraulics during all phases of the operation. The drilling process is highly dynamic and complicated to model; thus, much of the dynamics have traditionally been neglected. However, with diminishing operational margins, the impact of dynamic effects is growing. Coupled with increasing well construction costs, modeling the dynamics becomes essential and strategically important.

Drillbench dynamic drilling simulation software has a range of applications organized into three modules. The main applications within these modules are:

Dynamic Hydraulics (Primary): for evaluation of the drilling window with respect to dynamic hydraulics and temperature
Dynamic Well Control (Secondary): for dynamic kick tolerance evaluations
Blowout Control (Tertiary): for dynamic kill calculations and blowout contingencies

Simulations performed in Drillbench dynamic drilling simulation software are key feature to replicate a real drilling operation and provide accuracy not possible with simpler steady-state models. Drillbench software provides a user-friendly tool that targets all drilling engineers involved in challenging wells. The software is built around the well-control workflow, covering pressure control, well control, and blowout control.

Schrodinger Suite 2022-4 English Win/Linux 64-bit

Schrodinger Suite 2022-4 English Win/Linux 64-bit
Win | Linux | 16.45 GB

Schrodinger is a scientific leader in computational chemistry, providing software solutions and services for life sciences and materials research. Schrodinger aims to provide integrated software solutions and services that truly meet its customers' needs. We want to empower researchers around the world to achieve their goals of improving human health and quality of life through advanced computational techniques that transform the way chemists design compounds and materials. By building and deploying breakthrough scientific software solutions and forming collaborations and partnerships, we help scientists accelerate their research and development activities, reduce costs, and make novel discoveries that might otherwise not be possible.

Schrodinger software suite is a drug design software using both ligand and structure-based methods. Schrodinger provides accurate, reliable, and high performance computational technology to solve real-world problems in life science research. It provides superior solutions and services for the design, selection, and optimization of novel drug candidates. Schrodinger's predictive models will enable drug discovery scientists to assess properties of chemical compounds early in the discovery process and to select drug candidates that have optimal profiles. The predictive power of Schrodinger's software allows scientists to accelerate their research and development activities, reduce research costs, and make novel discoveries that might not be possible with other computational or experimental approaches.

Schlumberger PIPESIM 2022.1.700 English 64-bit

Schlumberger PIPESIM 2022.1.700 English 64-bit
Win | 1.01 GB

PIPESIM Steady-State Multiphase Flow Simulator - The new generation in multiphase flow simulation to overcome fluid flow challenges and optimize production.

Safe and effective fluid transport: Modern production systems require designs that ensure safe and cost-effective transportation of fluids from the reservoir to the processing facilities. Once these systems are brought into production, the ability to ensure optimal flow is critical to maximizing economic potential. From complex individual wells to vast production networks, the PIPESIM steady-state multiphase flow simulator enables production optimization over the complete lifecycle.

Continuous innovation incorporating leading science: For over 30 years, the PIPESIM simulator has been continuously improved by incorporating not only the latest science in the three core areas of flow modeling—multiphase flow, heat transfer, and fluid behavior—but also the latest innovations in computing, and oil and gas industry technologies. The simulator includes advanced three-phase mechanistic models, enhancements to heat transfer modeling, and comprehensive PVT modeling options. The ESRI-supported GIS map canvas helps deliver true spatial representation of wells, equipment, and networks. Networks can be built on the GIS canvas or generated automatically using a GIS shape file. The interactive graphical wellbore enables rapid well model building and analysis. Faster simulation runtime has also been achieved for all modeling though the implementation of a new parallel network solver to spread the computational load across all processors.

Steady-state flow assurance, from concept to operations: The PIPESIM simulator offers the industry's most comprehensive steady-state flow assurance workflows for front-end system design and production operations. The flow assurance capabilities of the simulator enable engineers to ensure safe and effective fluid transport—from sizing of facilities, pipelines, and lift systems, to ensuring effective liquids and solids management, to well and pipeline integrity. Shared heat transfer, multiphase flow, and fluid behavior methodologies ensure data quality and consistency between the steady-state and transient analyses.

Schlumberger OLGA 2022.1 English 64-bit

Schlumberger OLGA 2022.1 English 64-bit
Win | 678 MB

OLGA Dynamic Multiphase Flow Simulator - The industry-standard tool for dynamic multiphase flow simulation.

Maximize production and minimize risk. Successful production system design and operations requires a detailed understanding of multiphase flow behavior. Flow modeling and simulation provides valuable insights into flow behavior, including the physics describing flow through the entire production systems, from reservoir pore to process facility.

The OLGA dynamic multiphase flow simulator models time-dependent behaviors, or transient flow, to maximize production potential. Transient modeling is an essential component for feasibility studies and field development design. Dynamic simulation is essential in deepwater and is used extensively in both offshore and onshore developments to investigate transient behavior in pipelines and wellbores.

Transient simulation with the OLGA simulator provides an added dimension to steady-state analyses by predicting system dynamics such as time-varying changes in flow rates, fluid compositions, temperature, solids deposition and operational changes.

From wellbore dynamics for any well completion to pipeline systems with all types of process equipment, the OLGA simulator provides an accurate prediction of key operational conditions involving transient flow.

The OLGA simulator enables key flow simulation applications, including

✓ Liquids handling
✓ Sizing separators and slug catchers
✓ Managing solids
✓ Simulating key operational procedures including start-up, shut-down, and pigging
✓ Modeling for contingency planning
✓ Assessing environmental risk in complex deepwater drilling environments

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