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DS SIMULIA Simpack 2021.0 English 64-bit

DS SIMULIA Simpack 2021.0 English 64-bit
Win | 748 MB

Simpack is a general multibody system simulation (MBS) software enabling analysts and engineers to simulate the non-linear motion of any mechanical or mechatronic system. It enables engineers to generate and solve virtual 3D models in order to predict and visualize dynamic motion, coupling forces and stresses.

Simpack is used primarily within the automotive, engine, HIL/SIL/MIL, power transmission, railway, and wind energy industrial sectors, but can be applied to any branch of mechanical engineering.

DS SIMULIA CST Studio Suite 2020 SP1 English 64-bit

DS SIMULIA CST Studio Suite 2020 SP1 English 64-bit
Win | 6.65 GB

CST Studio Suite is a high-performance 3D EM analysis software package for designing, analyzing and optimizing electromagnetic (EM) components and systems.

CST Studio Suite is used in leading technology and engineering companies around the world. It offers considerable product to market advantages, facilitating shorter development cycles and reduced costs. Simulation enables the use of virtual prototyping. Device performance can be optimized, potential compliance issues identified and mitigated early in the design process, the number of physical prototypes required can be reduced, and the risk of test failures and recalls minimized.

DS SIMULIA Antenna Magus 2020.1 English 64-bit

DS SIMULIA Antenna Magus 2020.1 English 64-bit
Win | 1.59 GB

Antenna Magus is a software tool for the acceleration of the antenna design and modeling process. Validated antenna models can be exported to CST Studio Suite® from a huge antenna database of over 350 antennas.

Antenna Magus has proven to be an invaluable aid to antenna design engineers and to anyone who requires antenna models for antenna placement and/or electromagnetic interference studies. An engineer can make a more informed choice of antenna element, providing a good starting design and thus increasing efficiency.

CSI ETABS v19.0.0.2277 English 64-bit

CSI ETABS v19.0.0.2277 English 64-bit
Win | 935 MB

Computers and Structures, Inc. (CSI), leader in software tools for structural and earthquake engineering, has released an update to CSI ETABS, is a civil engineering program that design and analyse steel and concrete structures using finite element method.
ETABS provides an unequaled suite of tools for structural engineers designing buildings, whether they are working on one-story industrial structures or the tallest commercial high-rises. Immensely capable, yet easy-to-use, has been the hallmark of ETABS since its introduction decades ago, and this latest release continues that tradition by providing engineers with the technologically-advanced, yet intuitive, software they require to be their most productive.

Avenza Geographic Imager Basic v6.2.0.930 Multilingual 64-bit

Avenza Geographic Imager Basic v6.2.0.930 Multilingual 64-bit
Win | 248 MB

Geographic Imager mapping software enhances Adobe Photoshop to make working with spatial imagery quick and efficient. It adds tools to import, edit, manipulate and export geospatial images such as aerial and satellite imagery.

Enjoy the use of native Adobe Photoshop functions such as transparencies, filters, pixel editing, and image adjustments like brightness, contrast, and curve controls while maintaining spatial referencing.

ADINA System v9.6.3 English 64-bit

ADINA System v9.6.3 English 64-bit
Win | 393 MB

ADINA (Automatic Dynamic Incremental Nonlinear Analysis) is a universal program based on the finite element method used for linear and nonlinear engineering calculations. ADINA allows you to solve structural and temperature problems, calculate the flow, perform multiphysics and electrostatic simulations. Implementing a program in the development or production of a product is the best solution to reduce the cost of prototyping and reduce testing time. The modern computational methods underlying the ADINA program distinguish it favorably from other programs due to the accurate and reliable results of solving nonlinear problems.

ANSYS Lumerical 2020 R2.3 English 64-bit

ANSYS Lumerical 2020 R2.3 English 64-bit
Win | 1.29 GB

Lumerical Solutions software is a high-performance 3D FDTD Maxwell equation solver for the design, analysis and optimization of nanophotonic devices, processes and materials. Using the finite difference time domain (FDTD) method, Lumerical Solutions solves the most complex photonic engineering problems. Rapid prototyping and high fidelity simulation reduce the need for expensive experimental prototypes, which enables faster identification and lower development and release costs. Lumerical Solutions is able to dramatically accelerate success in applications ranging from basic photonic research to systems engineering in imaging, lighting, biophotonics, photovoltaics, and more.

ANSYS 2020 R2 nCode DesignLife English Win/Linux 64-bit

ANSYS 2020 R2 nCode DesignLife English Win/Linux 64-bit
Win | Linux | 3.08 GB

Ansys nCode DesignLife works with Ansys Mechanical to reliably evaluate fatigue life. Using the results of finite element analysis (FEA) from Ansys Mechanical, it calculates stresses and strains, then cumulates damage from repetitive loading to determine a product's predicted life. You can quickly evaluate the effects of different materials and alternative geometries for new designs, and then optimize them for the product's expected usage - long before the first prototype is built.

Altair Inspire Studio 2020.1.1 English 64-bit

Altair Inspire Studio 2020.1.1 English 64-bit
Win | 3.06 GB

Inspire Studio is the new solution for innovative designers, architects, and digital artists to create, evaluate and visualize designs faster than ever before. With unrivaled flexibility and precision, its unique construction history feature combined with multiple modeling techniques empowers users throughout the creative process.

Offering a sleek and efficient user experience, Inspire Studio suits the needs of expert and novice users alike. Each tool and workflow are optimized for an efficient design experience from initial sketches to exploring styling with polygonal, freeform, and PolyNURBS parametric modeling.

Produce stunning product presentations in real-time with the built-in, high-quality, physically-based global illumination renderer Thea Render using biased photorealistic, unbiased, and GPU modes.

Altair Inspire Render 2020.1.1 English 64-bit

Altair Inspire Render 2020.1.1 English 64-bit
Win | 3.06 GB

Inspire Render is the new 3D rendering and animation powerhouse for innovative designers, architects, and digital artists to produce stunning product presentations faster than ever before.

Quickly create, modify, and drag-n-drop a variety of materials and add lighting environments to generate images and animations in real-time with the built-in high-quality, physically-based global illumination rendering engine Thea Render. Find it all in a slick and efficient user experience that fulfills the needs of novice and expert users alike.

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