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Gigantosaurus Dino Kart-TENOKE
Gigantosaurus.Dino.Kart-TENOKE | Size : 1.77 GB
Game Title :Gigantosaurus: Dino Kart
Date Release:17 Feb, 2023
Developer :3DClouds
Editor : Outright Games Ltd.
Genre : :Action, Adventure, Racing, Sports
Language :English, French, Italian, German, Spanish - Spain, Arabic, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese - Brazil, Spanish - Latin America, Swedish

Surviving the Aftermath v1.25.0.2775-GOG
Surviving.the.Aftermath.v1.25.0.2775-GOG | Size : 2.12 GB
Game Title :Surviving the Aftermath
Date Release:16 Nov, 2021
Developer :Iceflake Studios
Editor : Paradox Interactive
Genre : :Simulation, Strategy
Language :English, French, German, Polish, Portuguese - Brazil, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish - Latin America

Those Left Behind-TENOKE
Those.Left.Behind-TENOKE | Size : 2.82 GB
Game Title :Those Left Behind
Date Release:19 Mar, 2023
Developer :ZDevStudio
Editor : ZDevStudio
Genre : :Action, Indie
Language :English

Heavy Armored Assassin-TENOKE
Heavy.Armored.Assassin-TENOKE | Size : 2.21 GB
Game Title :Heavy Armored Assassin
Date Release:20 Mar, 2023
Developer :Creative Pepper
Editor : Creative Pepper
Genre : :Action, Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Language :English, Simplified Chinese

Midnight Scenes Episode.2.Special Edition v1.19-GOG
Midnight.Scenes.Episode.2.Special.Edition.v1.19-GOG | Size : 87.7 MB
Game Title :Midnight Scenes Episode 2 (Special Edition)
Date Release:8 Sep, 2020
Developer :Octavi Navarro
Editor : Octavi Navarro Games Franchise
Genre : :Adventure, Indie
Language :English, French, Italian, German, Spanish - Spain, Japanese, Russian, Simplified Chinese

Labyrinthian Lost Til Dawn-TENOKE
Labyrinthian.Lost.Til.Dawn-TENOKE | Size : 796.79 MB
Game Title :Labyrinthian: Lost 'Til Dawn
Date Release:17 Feb, 2023
Developer :Geddy Wenzinger
Editor : Geddy Wenzinger
Genre : :Casual, Indie
Language :English

Impaler v1.0.403-GOG
Impaler.v1.0.403-GOG | Size : 373.25 MB
Game Title :Impaler
Date Release:6 Dec, 2022
Developer :Apptivus
Editor : Retrovibe
Genre : :Action, Indie
Language :English, French, German, Portuguese - Brazil, Spanish - Latin America, Russian

Slip - PC Game English

Slip - PC Game English

Slip - PC Game English | 1.39 GB | 500 MB Links

Slip is a platform game very fast lateral development, in which we have to adapt your code, red and blue, so you can progress quickly sensing the useful elements and dodging dangerous over 12 levels connected by a world . The key is timing, plus our reflexes and repeat testing to know their tricks.

FX Football - PC Game English

FX Football - PC Game English

FX Football - PC Game English | 499 MB | 200 MB Links

Easy to handle, easy to understand and fun to master. FX Football commitment game system designed for all football fans. An agile, powerful, fully featured and extremely fun game.

Heroes of Steel - Tactics RPG - PC Game English

Heroes of Steel - Tactics RPG - PC Game English

Heroes of Steel - Tactics RPG - PC Game English | 75 MB | 75 MB Links

Heroes of Steel RPG is an RPG classic shift cut in which players will lead a group of up to four different heroes through an epic adventure filled with intrigue and battles.
At the beginning of the adventure players will choose their party of four adventurers. We may use warriors, wizards, clerics and thieves, each with its customized with unique attributes and skills.
Thieves, for example, may open locks (essential at the beginning of the adventure); while warriors can trigger defensive improvements and clerics use healing spells.
Clashes in Heroes of Steel RPG taking place in turn. Players will move their characters through the grid shift, while trying to kill all the enemies.
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