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» Articles for 04.10.2016

Wolfram Research Mathematica v11.0.1 Multilingual Win/Mac/Linux

Wolfram Research Mathematica v11.0.1 Multilingual Win/Mac/Linux
Win | Mac | Linux | 9.72 GB

Mathematica provides a seamless, integrated, and an ever-expanding system, covering the breadth and depth of technical computing, is now, with the advent of Mathematica Online, always at hand, in the cloud, accessible via any web browser, as well as through the standard applications on all modern desktop computer systems.

SolidWorks Premium 2016 SP4.0 Multilingual 64-bit

SolidWorks Premium 2016 SP4.0 Multilingual 64-bit
Win | 10.58 GB

SolidWorks Premium is a comprehensive 3D design solution that adds to the capabilities of SolidWorks Professional with powerful simulation, motion, and design validation tools, advanced wire and pipe routing functionality, reverse engineering capabilities, and much more.

SolidCAM 2016 SP2 Multilingual for SolidWorks 2012-2017 64-bit

SolidCAM 2016 SP2 Multilingual for SolidWorks 2012-2017 64-bit
Win | 3.21 GB

SolidCAM provides seamless single-window integration and full associativity with the SolidWorks design model, so you can program your CNC's directly inside SolidWorks and even watch your toolpaths automatically update when the design model changes.

RightEdge 2010 build 57 English

RightEdge 2010 build 57 English
Win | 28 MB

RightEdge is a trading system development platform based on modern, compiled languages. Use RightEdge to design, develop and backtest trading systems. RightEdge can be used to execute fully automated trading systems. Our platform is equipped with a cutting edge integrated development environment (IDE) that includes advanced charting features, a full library of technical indicators, data management, and a pluggable architecture that allows for a high level of scalability and customization. Build trading systems for stocks, futures, options and forex.

ProtaStructure Suite Enterprise 2016 SP6 Multilingual

ProtaStructure Suite Enterprise 2016 SP6 Multilingual
Win | 319 MB

ProtaStructure Suite is the most comprehensive solution for multi-material analysis, design and automated detail drawings of structures.

ProtaStructure Suite combines the power of ProtaStructure together with the full detailing capability of ProtaDetails for the ultimate building design and detailing solution for structural engineering professionals. See below for information on which system is best for your business.

ProtaStructure Professional Suite is the all-in-one package for multi-material modelling with steel, concrete and composite members, 3-D finite element analysis, code-compliant design and detailing of building structures.

ProtaStructure Enterprise Suite extends professional edition with advanced time-history, staged construction and nonlinear analyses, seismic isolators, nonlinear link elements and seismic assessment/retrofitting.

Phoenix FD 2.20 for V-Ray 3.0 & 3ds Max 2016 64-bit

Phoenix FD 2.20 for V-Ray 3.0 & 3ds Max 2016 64-bit
Win | 73 MB

Phoenix FD is a powerful tool for fluid simulations. Aimed to meet the needs of VFX artist to simulate fire, smoke, explosions as well as liquids, foam and splashes, it has now become universal simulation software for every production house. Phoenix FD offers exceptional flexibility and speed. With an adaptive grid, complete interactivity, a GPU accelerated preview and a fully multi-threaded displacement algorithm it stands out as one of the top solutions for fluid simulations in the visual effects industry.

OkMap Desktop v13.2.0 Multilingual 64-bit

OkMap Desktop v13.2.0 Multilingual 64-bit
Win | 41 MB

OkMap is an interactive software which allows you to work on your computer screen with web maps or digital maps that you have either bought or scanned. OkMap can also import vectorial data from the most common formats and DEM data relevant to height information. Through these maps, you can organize your paths by creating waypoints, routes and tracks on your computer monitor, and upload this data to your GPS. OkMap sets automatically altitude data and estimates travel times. Furthermore OkMap provides you also with autorouting, geocoding and statistics functions.

MEC CAD Suite v16.1.2.160201.S English

MEC CAD Suite v16.1.2.160201.S English
Win | 30 MB

MEC CAD Suite is professional software to design and estimate scaffolding and formworks of any type and brand in a 3D CAD environment.

MEC CAD tools are useful for: technical offices of manufacturing companies, hirers and construction companies, designers.

The use of MEC CAD software allows to gain in productivity and to increase profits thanks to a better management of commissions, from the quotation to the building site.

Logopress3 2016 SP0.5 for SolidWorks 2014-2016 64-bit

Logopress3 2016 SP0.5 for SolidWorks 2014-2016 64-bit
Win | 336 MB

Logopress Corp., the developer of Logopress3 Gold Certified Partner Product for SolidWorks, along with its North American distributor and technical center, Accurate Die Design, Inc., has released an update for Logopress3, is recognized as the easiest to use 3D die design software available, while still providing all the powerful features and functionality needed to produce the most complex die designs.

Logopress3 has flawless integration with SolidWorks, with a simple and straightforward interface, which means a shorter learning curve. Logopress3 was the first product in the world to receive SolidWorks Gold Certification without requiring any changes whatsoever.

Logopress3 is currently used in over 30 countries around the world. The work can be started from a SolidWorks native part or, more commonly, from an imported part from another cad system. The entire process will be sped up thanks to the dedicated Logopress3 functions and automation.

Furix BetterWMF 2017 v7.20 English 64-bit

Furix BetterWMF 2017 v7.20 English 64-bit
Win | 3 MB

BetterWMF helps you inserting AutoCAD drawings into for example MS-office documents. BetterWMF will improve the picture on the fly for you:

- The size of the picture will exactly match the extents of the objects. No large empty border to fit the AutoCAD window.
- The picture is transparent, the background color is removed.
- You can assign line weights based on colors.
- In TILEMODE 0 you can merge paperspace and all viewports.
- The picture can be converted to black and white.
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