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» Articles for September 2015 Year
Volvo Premium Tech Tool (PTT) v2.03.85 (APCI+Update+Development) Acronis True Image

Volvo Premium Tech Tool (PTT) v2.03.85 (APCI+Update+Development) Acronis True Image
Win | 10.64 GB

Volvo offers an excellent software tool to assist customers and bodybuilders in performing their own diagnostic work on Volvo trucks and components.
PTT is a Windows-based diagnostic application specially designed to test, calibrate and program engine parameters. This software supports all Volvo Trucks from model year 1998 and newer.

Renault Trucks Infomax v5.4.10 Multilanguage

Renault Trucks Infomax v5.4.10 Multilanguage
Win | 129 MB

Optifuel Infomax is a productivity aid to collect and analyse data on and optimise driving styles.

With Optifuel Programme you have the latest version of Optifuel Infomax, compatible with all Renault Trucks vehicles (excluding light commercial vehicles). Infomax lets you easily:

- Control fuel expenses.
- Optimise vehicle use.
- Monitor your vehicles’ fuel consumption by analysing driving modes and assignments.
- Compare consumption of several vehicles or routes.
- Understand driver errors, encourage good practice and set up action plans with your drivers.
- Make sure the vehicle is being used properly by monitoring reactions to dashboard alarms.
- Increase profitability and competitivity.

Note: this software works with volvo interface 88890020 (Movement) with firmware 1.22.0 and 88890300 (VOCOM).

Renault Trucks Diag LCV v3.2.1 Multilanguage

Renault Trucks Diag LCV v3.2.1 Multilanguage
Win | 1.38 GB

Renault Trucks Diag LCV allows you to diagnose all LVC and all Renault trucks.

PSA DiagBox v7.76 Multilanguage

PSA DiagBox v7.76 Multilanguage
Win | 2.42 GB

Diagnostic program used by dealers for Peugeot and Citroen vehicles. It only works with the original Chinese and adapters XS Evolution Lexia3.
You can do all as an authorized dealer. This diagnostics software allows you to perform a complete analysis of all models from 1995 to present. Diagnosis is made through the OBD II connector (which is located near steering wheel) or via manufacturer-specific connector (only older cars, pre-2001).

Microcat Kia [07.2015] Multilanguage

Microcat Kia [07.2015] Multilanguage
Win | 7.59 GB

It contains all the information on spare parts and accessories of KIA vehicles in all markets. It can also be useful as manual assembly / disassembly. Comes in several languages: English, Spanish, French, German, etc.

Meritor WABCO TOOLBOX 11.5 English

Meritor WABCO TOOLBOX 11.5 English
Win | 80 MB

Meritor WABCO TOOLBOX Software provides PC diagnostic capabilities for Meritor WABCO tractor and trailer pneumatic ABS, trailer RSS Plus, hydraulic ABS, Hydraulic Power Brake (HPB), electronic leveling valves for tractors, electronic leveling valves for trailers, Electronically Controlled Air Suspensions (ECAS) for buses, and OnGuard TM Collision Safety Systems.

Lovato Easy Fast 1.7.7 Multilanguage

Lovato Easy Fast 1.7.7 Multilanguage
Win | 48 MB

Easy Fast OBD-II from Lovato is a modern, efficient and cost-effective sequential gas injection system. This system is based on the gas installation Easy Fast first generation, now on the market for almost 10 years. However, the installation has received several new solutions (the driver injector rail and gaseous phase filter), and other elements have been greatly upgraded. The product is designed to supply the engine with indirect injection gasoline from 5 to 8 cylinders.

Easy Fast Gas installation can be permanently connected to the OBD system of self-diagnosis, so you can precisely adjust the composition of the gas mixture of air and optimize gas consumption. Cars with this system meet the latest emission norms Euro 5 and Euro 6.

John Deere Service ADVISOR 4.2.001 [CF 08.2015 ENG] Multilanguage

John Deere Service ADVISOR 4.2.001 [CF 08.2015 ENG] Multilanguage
Win | 88.02 GB

John Deere Service Advisor workshop manuals, repair manuals, dealer technical assistance, diagnostics, connection readings, calibrations, interactive tests, specification, tools, assemble and disassemble presented John Deere Backhoe Loaders, Compact Track Loaders, Crawler Dozers, Crawler Loaders, Excavators, 4WD Loaders, Landscape Loaders, Motor Graders, Pull-Type Scrapers, Scraper Tractors, Skid Steers, Waste Equipment, Worksite Pro Attachments.
John Deere Service Advisor consist all production John Deere Construction Equipment & TIMBERJACK service and repair documentation.

Hino HIECHO-II EPC [08.2014] English

Hino HIECHO-II EPC [08.2014] English
Win | 965 MB

Hino HIECHO-II electronic spare parts catalogue for Hino Medium and Heavy Trucks and Buses. Works by VIN decoding with option tables, parts search, etc.

DENSO ECD-V Series Technical Training (V3, V4, and V5) English

DENSO ECD-V Series Technical Training (V3, V4, and V5) English
Win | 281 MB

Technical Training DVD for DENSO ECD-V Series. It contains:

- Outline
- ECD-V4&V5
- ECD-V3
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