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CAMWorks WireEDM Pro 2021 SP0 Multilingual for SolidWorks 2020-2021 64-bit

CAMWorks WireEDM Pro 2021 SP0 Multilingual for SolidWorks 2020-2021 64-bit
Win | 868 MB

CAMWorks Wire EDM software has been designed and developed specifically for programming 2 through 4-axis Wire EDM CNC Machines - unlike most CAM systems that use modified milling commands for their EDM programming modules.

Take your Wire EDM programming to the next level with CAMWorks Wire EDM Pro - increasing efficiency and reducing delivery times.

With CAMWorks Wire EDM Pro you can go from solid model to G-Code in ONE Click! Once the solid model is opened, the user clicks on the Solid to G-Code button and the system automatically. Searches the part for machine-able features, Identifies the features, Generates all the operations, Creates the toolpaths, Posts the G-code. Includes users' preferences and settings: tool offsets, cutting conditions, start holes.

CAMWorks Wire EDM Pro includes automatic programming for complex 2-axis, 2-axis with taper and full 4-axis wire EDM machining.

CAMWorks 2021 SP0 Multilingual for Solid Edge 2020-2021 64-bit

CAMWorks 2021 SP0 Multilingual for Solid Edge 2020-2021 64-bit
Win | 1.31 GB

CAMWorks for Solid Edge is an embedded CAM program that is fully integrated within Solid Edge. It is the only feature-based CAM software on the market that leverages synchronous technology and provides users with unprecedented benefits.

CAMWorks with Machining Intelligence is the most advanced CAM programming software available for getting products to market faster, more efficiently and within budget. CAMWorks is a next generation best-of-class CNC programming solution that enables its users to program smarter and machine faster.

ANSYS Motor-CAD v14.1.5 English 64-bit

ANSYS Motor-CAD v14.1.5 English 64-bit
Win | 290 MB

Ansys Motor-CAD is a dedicated electric machine design tool for fast multiphysics simulation across the full torque-speed operating range. Motor-CAD enables design engineers to evaluate motor topologies and concepts across the full operating range, to produce designs that are optimized for performance, efficiency and size. Motor-CAD software's four integrated modules-EMag, Therm, Lab, Mech-enable multiphysics calculations to be performed quickly and iteratively, so users can get from concept to final design in less time. Motor-CAD's intuitive, template-based setup simplifies and automates the analysis process while its built-in electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical solvers offer valuable multiphysics insights into a motor design. The simulations can be completed in a matter of seconds thus allowing ample time and scope for extensive design space exploration. Ansys Motor-CAD enables engineers to produce optimized electric motor and generator designs to help meet the size, weight, energy efficiency, cost and other specifications.

ANSYS 2021 R1 nCode DesignLife English Win/Linux 64-bit

ANSYS 2021 R1 nCode DesignLife English Win/Linux 64-bit
Win | Linux | 3.11 GB

Ansys nCode DesignLife works with Ansys Mechanical to reliably evaluate fatigue life. Using the results of finite element analysis (FEA) from Ansys Mechanical, it calculates stresses and strains, then cumulates damage from repetitive loading to determine a product's predicted life. You can quickly evaluate the effects of different materials and alternative geometries for new designs, and then optimize them for the product's expected usage - long before the first prototype is built.

Altair Inspire Cast 2021.0 English 64-bit

Altair Inspire Cast 2021.0 English 64-bit
Win | 2.39 GB

Inspire Cast software is a fast, easy, accurate, and affordable casting simulation environment focused on creating high quality components with increased profitability through a highly intuitive user experience. It is the only tool that caters to beginners and experts alike, from product designers to foundry engineers. Right from early design phase, users can visualize typical casting defects such as air entrapment, shrinkage porosity, cold shuts, or mold degradation and rectifies them avoiding costly downstream corrections.

Guided process templates offer five easy steps to simulate gravity die, gravity sand, investment, high pressure, low pressure die casting, and tilt pouring. Inspire Cast's innovative experience enables users to increase product quality and design better products with a few hours of training.

Altair Inspire 2021.0.1 English 64-bit

Altair Inspire 2021.0.1 English 64-bit
Win | 2.59 GB

Applied early in the product development lifecycle, Inspire accelerates the creation, optimization, and study of innovative, structurally efficient parts and assemblies through collaboration.

Inspire enables both simulation analysts and designers to perform what-if studies faster, easier, and above all earlier, encouraging collaboration and reducing product time to market.

Altair HyperWorks Desktop + Solvers 2021.0 English 64-bit

Altair HyperWorks Desktop + Solvers 2021.0 English 64-bit
Win | 10.59 GB

Altair HyperWorks, the most comprehensive, open-architecture CAE platform in the industry, includes best-in-class concept design, modeling, analysis, optimization, reporting and simulation management solutions for a variety of applications.

Altair HyperWorks provides easy-to-learn, effective workflows that leverage domain knowledge and increase team productivity, enabling the efficient development of today's increasingly complex and connected products.

Altair Flux 2021.0 English 64-bit

Altair Flux 2021.0 English 64-bit
Win | 2.26 GB

Flux captures the complexity of electromechanical equipment to optimize their performance, efficiency, dimensions, cost or weight with precision, bringing better innovation and value products to end users. Flux simulates magneto static, steady-state and transient conditions, along with electrical and thermal properties.

With strong coupling to the Altair HyperWorks multiphysics optimization platform, Flux evaluates subsystems' dynamic interactions and streamlines the entire design process.

Altair Feko 2021.0 English 64-bit

Altair Feko 2021.0 English 64-bit
Win | 2.32 GB

Feko is used globally across multiple industries including aerospace, defense, automotive, communications and consumer electronics to reduce the time-to-market. Feko customers achieve improved connectivity and functionality through robust simulation driven product design and deployment strategies.

Feko addresses the broadest set of high-frequency electromagnetics applications allowing teams to optimize wireless connectivity, including 5G, ensure electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and perform radar cross section (RCS) and scattering analysis. From antenna simulation and placement, radio coverage, network planning, and spectrum management, to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC/EMI), radome modeling, bio-electromagnetics and RF devices, Feko combines with other Altair tools to optimize system performance through machine learning and reduce modeling time for complex systems.

Altair EDEM Professional 2021.0 English 64-bit

Altair EDEM Professional 2021.0 English 64-bit
Win | 460 MB

EDEM is high-performance software for bulk and granular material simulation.
Powered by state-of-the-art Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) technology, EDEM quickly and accurately simulates and analyzes the behavior of granular materials such as coal, mined ores, soils, fibers, grains, tablets, and powders.
EDEM simulation provides engineers with crucial insight into how those materials will interact with their equipment during a range of operation and process conditions.
EDEM can be used stand-alone or in streamlined workflows combined with other CAE technology such as Altair MotionSolve.

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